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I’m sorry, but Freelance Writing Pros is not accepting guest post submissions at this time. However, I will periodically feature freelance writers in round-ups or profile pieces. These opportunities to be featured on the blog will be shared first with subscribers to the newsletter, and sometimes with followers of the FWP Twitter account. Please check those resources from time-to-time if you’re interested in taking part.

While reviews will occasionally be posted to the Freelance Writing Pros blog, it won’t happen often. Reviews will rarely come from pitches, and are instead based on services and products I’ve personally used, loved, and want to share with my readers. 

That said, I will consider review requests for books or services relevant to experienced freelance writers (those who have been in business already for 5 years or more) on a case-by-case basis. I will not review membership sites of any kind, and I will not review courses unless I already know and trust the creator (if you aren’t sure if that includes you, it probably doesn’t). 

If you want a physical product such as a print book reviewed, the mailing address can be found below on this page. But please email me first or send a message using the contact form below to make sure I have the time and interest first so you don’t send your physical copies for nothing. 

Freelance Writing Pros currently does not accept private advertising or pitches for affiliate programs. Joint promotions are also not currently considered unless there’s an existing relationship.


Under no circumstances will outside link requests be honored or even get a response. No link exchanges. No links added to existing content because you pander by praising it. No links to your site to replace broken ones. No links to you because you noticed I linked to a competitor or similar site. No links will be sold. Take your smarmy SEO and ego-bait efforts elsewhere. They aren’t welcome here. 

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If you have comments, suggestions, questions, or topics you’d like me to cover on the blog, you can use the contact form on this page or the email address below.





Review Requests

Before sending physical review materials to the address below, please email me. I don’t want you wasting time or copies of books or other products if I don’t have time to do a proper review or if I don’t feel your product is a good fit. Please note I won’t review or share membership programs / sites at all, and I won’t review courses unless I already know and trust their creator.

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