Advertising Policy

The following details current advertising policies at You’ll learn:

  • what kinds of ads you might see at Freelance Writing Pros;
  • why certain kinds of advertising are currently used or not used on this site;
  • where you might find ads while browsing Freelance Writing Pros content.

Note that all ads will either be obvious and clear (as in visual banner ads) or will include disclosure when included within a post or page (as in text affiliate ads). Disclosure notices are currently posted at the top of a page or post where they appear so you’ll never begin reading content here without being made aware up-front.

Affiliate Advertising Policy

Affiliate advertising involves a relationship between a company (the advertiser) and a publisher (in this case, The advertiser assigns the publisher special referral links, so when a visitor of the publisher’s website clicks that link and makes a purchase, the advertiser is able to track which site referred them and pay a commission for that referral.

Affiliate ads are manually chosen and inserted into site content; they are not auto-generated by any third-party.

You might find a combination of affiliate ad types here including:

  • text-based affiliate links;
  • image / banner affiliate ads;
  • video affiliate ads;
  • affiliate links in button form (such as to sign up for a free trial of a service during an affiliate promotion).

Freelance Writing Pros Affiliate Ad Policies:

  • Whenever affiliate ads are present within a page or blog post on this site, a disclosure will be made at the top of the page before readers proceed to that content.
  • The author will only post affiliate ads within content if they have previously or currently used or tested the product or service in question.
  • Any affiliate relationships promoted at will stem from a genuine recommendation.
  • Affiliate reviews and other related content will always be honest. That means reviews will note both benefits and downsides of products or services as appropriate. The aim to make sure readers can make informed buying decisions, not simply pushing affiliate offers on readers.
  • At the current time, a maximum of two (2) new affiliate campaigns will appear in new blog content per month. This does not mean every month will see affiliate campaigns. Some will see none at all.
  • Any site-wide affiliate campaigns will be as unobtrusive as possible. For example, you might find a graphic affiliate at below posts in the future. If, or when, these are added they will be highly recommended products or services, and they will only feature things used currently and regularly by the site owner (a theme the website is built on, a current hosting service that the author uses every month, etc.).

Contextual Advertising Policy

At the current time, Freelance Writing Pros does not feature any contextual advertising. This may change in the future, though there are currently no plans for that to happen in the immediate future.

Contextual advertising relies on third-party ad networks like Google’s Adsense to serve relevant ads to a site’s visitors. These can be contextual to the site, meaning the ads will be relevant to the content on each page. These can also be based on a visitor’s search history, where they’ll see ads related to their interests rather than contextual ads (depending on their individual Google settings and cookie settings in their browser).

Again, these types of ads do not currently appear on Freelance Writing Pros.

If these ads are later included, efforts will be made to minimize their appearance to regular visitors. For example, filters will be set to ensure you don’t see ads when you directly type in a page’s address into your browser, when you visit a post from another page on this site (so you shouldn’t see them on more than one post per-visit), or when you visit from the site’s Twitter or Pinterest promotional updates. The idea will be to monetize one-time visitors such as search engine visitors and those visiting a single post from a referral from another site, while minimizing ads for regular readers.

This policy was last updated on January 20, 2021.