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This week we continue to explore ways you can earn more as an experienced freelance writer.

With all your project-type experience or subject matter expertise, why not offer products like books and premium content to the target market you’re already working with?

If selling products doesn’t interest you, this week’s post will also give you some ideas for freelance service add-ons to attract new clients or increase contracts with existing ones.

The Easiest Ancillary Service

Sometimes the answer to increasing revenue is a simple one.

And as a freelance writer, you don’t necessarily need to consider offering complementary services like consulting.

An even easier option is to add a new freelance writing project type to your repertoire.

Think about your existing clients. 

What projects do you already take on for them?

What other projects might benefit them?

When you have ideas, pitch them to people you already work with first.

Because you know their businesses or organizations, their goals, and who they aim to reach, it can make for an easy transition.

For example…

I used to write web copy for some SEO firm owners.

While I wasn’t interested in taking on SEO content writing work (generally much lower-paid than what I would accept), I pitched them on press release writing work.

That was at the start of the boom in SEO press release writing, and it put me not only in the position to profit, but it put me in a position of influence in a way that mattered to me professionally.

I taught the firms’ owners how to go about it in the right way — not risking the reputation of their clients for quick links.

It turned out to be rewarding, in more ways than one.

In my case, I’d been writing press releases for years.

It just hadn’t occurred to me to write them for these types of clients because the demand wasn’t there yet.

But in helping them create and take advantage of this demand, I didn’t just pick up a press release writing gig here and there. I handled minor PR strategy and frequent releases for multiple clients of each firm I worked with.

So again, think about your clients. 

Do you offer services to some and not others? Why?

Are there new projects you’re interested in but haven’t tackled professionally yet? Relationships with existing clients could give you the perfect opportunity to try.

Using ancillary products and services to boost your income potential doesn’t have to be a complicated process. It can be as easy as reaching out to someone you already work with.


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