How to Target a New Freelance Writing Market Without Starting Over -

How to Target a New Freelance Writing Market (Without Starting Over)

If you’ve ever thought about targeting a new freelance writing market but felt like it would be too much work, this post is for you. Pursuing a new specialty can sometimes mean starting over from a blank slate, but that doesn’t have to be the case. And today we’ll consider an alternative. Let’s look at why you might want to target a new freelance writing … read more

What is a flat-file CMS and should freelance writers use them? -

What is a Flat-File CMS (& Should Freelance Writers Use Them?)

If you have a professional freelance writer website, you likely used a content management system — or CMS — to build it. The most popular CMS today is WordPress. But you have another option you might not have heard of yet — the flat-file CMS. I mentioned flat-file content management systems in my recent post on revenue sharing schemes over at All Freelance Writing. More … read more

How to Beat Freelance Writing Niche Saturation -

How to Beat Freelance Writing Niche Saturation

In an ideal world as a freelance writer, you want more than enough prospects to fill your schedule and pay you well. But sometimes competition increases to the point where it gets tough to find new clients. We reach niche saturation. Today let’s take a look at what freelance niche saturation means, and what you can do to get out of a saturated niche an … read more

Media Kits for Writers -

Media Kits for Freelance Writers: A Beginner’s Guide

As you might know, I have a background in public relations. A big part of that job involves media relations and helping my clients pick up earned media coverage. In addition to tools like press releases and feature pitches, this is a place where media kits can come in handy. Let’s explore media kits and why they’re worth considering as a freelance professional. What is a … read more

How to Find Unadvertised Freelance Writing Jobs on Job Boards -

How to Use Job Boards to Find Unadvertised Freelance Writing Jobs

It’s no secret that the best freelance writing gigs are rarely advertised on traditional job boards. Those gigs are often assigned through pitches, referrals, and searches by clients. But did you know you can use job boards to find unadvertised freelance writing jobs? The good news is, you can. Let’s look at some ways you can turn traditional job boards into more advanced prospect-finding tools. … read more

SEMRush for Freelance Writers - A Tool for Competitive Research and More -

SEMrush for Freelance Writers: A Tool for Competitive Research (& More)

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links for SEMrush. That means if you buy their services after clicking a link in this post, I might receive a commission. Learn more in the Freelance Writing Pros advertising policy. When sharing tips on conducting a simple competitive analysis for your freelance writing business, I promised to offer you a deeper look at a tool that can help: SEMrush. … read more

How to Conduct a Simple Competitive Analysis -

Conduct a Freelance Writing Competitive Analysis in 5 Simple Steps

Disclosure: This post contains an affiliate link to a third-party competitive analysis tool: SEMRush. That means if you click that link and choose to subscribe to their services, I would earn a commission. In the freelance writing community, “competition” is often treated like a dirty word. The idea of doing a competitive analysis can be seen as malicious or underhanded. But it’s not. It’s good business. … read more

5 Website Usability Mistakes That Cost You Clients

How often do you think about your freelance writer website? If you put it online and haven’t done much with it since, now’s a good time to give it a once-over and see if any common website usability mistakes might be making it tougher for prospects to get in touch with you. Not sure what to look for? Here are five website usability mistakes to … read more

The One-Day-Per-Month Blogging Schedule for Landing Freelance Clients -

The One-Day-Per-Month Blogging Schedule for Landing Freelance Clients

Over the years I haven’t exactly been subtle about the importance of blogging for freelance writers. But there’s one complaint I hear again and again: blogging takes too much time, so freelancers don’t want to put the effort in. But what if you could attract more clients with a simple one-day-per-month blogging schedule? Would that make it feel less daunting? Today I’m going to share … read more