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In the last Freelance Writing Pros update for 2021, I interviewed Sharon Hurley hall about her anti-racism newsletter and how a more personal focus on anti-racism writing has impacted her freelance writing business.

If you’re considering changing your freelance writing specialty in the New Year, or if you’re looking for ways to incorporate more that matters to you into your professional work, check out what Sharon had to say about her process.

And while you’re at it, you can subscribe to Sharon’s anti-racism newsletter by clicking the button below.

I’ll have some news and updates to share again in January. But for now I’m clearing up client work and preparing for my usual long year-end break in just a few weeks. I hope you’ve all had a successful 2021, and I’ll look forward to having much more advanced freelance writing and marketing content to share with you soon.

An early Happy New Year! May you and your loved ones all stay safe, healthy, and happy.


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