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The Most Well-Rounded Tool for Freelance Writers

Last week on the blog we talked about conducting a simple competitive analysis, and in that week’s newsletter I shared 5 tools to help you do that.

One of those tools is SEMrush. 

And, as promised, this week’s blog post gives you a detailed (4500+ word) look at how this comprehensive tool can help you as a freelance writer.

With this being such a long post, I wanted to give you a brief breakdown of what SEMrush can actually help you do.

It can:

  • estimate your competition’s traffic;
  • provide insight into how visitors interact w/ your professional site;
  • help you identify competitors you weren’t aware of;
  • let you know who links to you and your competitors’ sites;
  • find competitors to existing or past clients (to build a prospect list);
  • find out what keywords drive search traffic to competitors;
  • figure out what keywords to target to improve your own search visibility;
  • tell you if advertisers are running paid search campaigns;
  • show you the copy and ad designs competitors’ ads use;
  • help you identify shady SEO tactics competitors engage in;
  • manage your social media accounts in one place;
  • track your, and competitors’, social media activity and engagement;
  • come up with blog post ideas, article ideas to pitch, or plan client content strategies using the Topic Research tool.

SEMrush is so much more than an SEO tool. And that list barely brushes the surface of what you can do when you really drill down into the data.

For one tool to handle everything from content strategy to social media management, from competitive research to helping you identify new freelance writing prospects, SEMrush is hands-down the most well-rounded research tool I’ve found for managing a freelance writing business.

Get a Free Trial of SEMrush

SEMrush can be a pricey tool, running several hundred dollars per month if you want unlimited access to topic research and if you want access to the more detailed competitive research reports. (Tip: You probably don’t need to use it every month.)

That said, SEMrush does offer free trial accounts!

I opted not to mention these in the blog post (and mentioned the free account level with very limited data as a way to test the tool structure instead) because there isn’t currently a trial available to give full access to everything I covered in the post. I didn’t want to confuse matters.

But if you would like to take a deeper look at the data available, you can sign up for a 7-day free trial. Just know it won’t give you access to everything mentioned in the post.

If you have the option to choose a Pro or Guru trial after registering, I highly recommend the Guru trial so you aren’t limited to two searches when doing topic research for blog post or article pitch ideas.


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